Terms of Service

NoisyCamp ("us" or "we") is providing an online booking management service (the “website” or the "service") for music studios ("studios"), such as rehearsal or recording studios. NoisyCamp is operated by Raphael Javaux in Belgium whose company and VAT number is BE 749.513.654.

Using the website is subject to the conditions stated in this document ("terms" or "terms of service"). Please read this document carefully before using the website.

NoisyCamp reserves the right to revise the content of this document at any time and without notice. It is the responsibility of the users ("customers") to review these terms to keep themselves up to date with any modification of these terms.

Applicable Law

By using this website, you agree that the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union will govern these terms of service, and any dispute of any sort that might come between NoisyCamp and you, or its business partners and associates.

Allowed content and behavior

NoisyCamp reserves the right to prohibit access to the service, without notice, to any person or entity:

  • who violates the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium or the European Union.
  • who violates any of these terms of service.
  • who uses the service in the context of a fraud or scam.
  • who uses the service in the context of unsolicited promotional activity ("spam").
  • who carries out credit card fraud.
  • who publishes or shares any content subject to copyright laws.
  • who publishes or shares false, forged or incorrect content.
  • who publishes harmful content.
  • who disrupts the integrity of the website and its availability.
  • who forges or impersonates any legal identity.
  • who uses the service to fraudulently extract financial income from NoisyCamp.
  • who uses the service to harm any of the business partners of NoisyCamp, including listed music studios.

Intellectual property rights

The website content, name and Internet domain are all property of NoisyCamp, while the source code of the website is available under a free software license on GitHub.

By transmitting any user created content to the website, you acknowledge that the say content can be freely used by NoisyCamp in the context of the standard operation of the website and its associated services.

Privacy Policy

We care deeply about the privacy of customers. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Studio registration

Studio owners can freely register their music studios through the website. Studio owners are required to provide valid and up to date information about their studios (e.g. location, opening times, pricing).

NoisyCamp reserves the right to remove, without notice, any studio that would not respect the terms of service, or that would fail to deliver a quality service to its customers.


NoisyCamp provides online services to facilitate the booking of sessions from music studios.

NoisyCamp acts as a proxy between the studio and its customers. NoisyCamp, its affiliates or employees disclaim all liability for any harm or damage that could occur before, during or after a session. Harm and damage include (but are not limited to):

  • damage to any equipment.
  • damage to the studio premises.
  • harm incurred to the studio business and its profits.
  • harm incurred to the physical integrity of the people involved.

Customers agree to comply with the studio rules and terms for the duration of the session.

Online bookings

Only registered NoisyCamp users can book studios sessions through the website.

All bookings will be attributed a unique booking number that will be shared between the customer and the studio owner.

Studio owners will be notified of new booking requests by email, and through the website interface.

If the studio owner chooses to not automatically accept booking requests, all bookings will have to be accepted or rejected before the sessions start. A booking will be automatically rejected if not accepted before the session starts. Any online payment associated with a rejected booking will be automatically refunded.

Online card payments

Studio owners can choose to accept online card payments for the bookings made on their respective studios.

Online card payments are processed by Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd ("Stripe"), our third-party payment partner.

Studio owners who wish to accept online card payments have to go through the Stripe Connect onboarding process for Express accounts. This might include providing some information and documents to verify the studio owner's identity and place of residence.

The use of online card payments is subject to the Stripe Connect terms of service.

The currency used to complete the payment is determined by the location of the studio. The customer's bank might choose to apply additional currency conversion fee if their bank account does not match the payment currency.

A transaction fee will be collected on online payments, and subtracted to the studio's original price. The transaction fee equals 9% of the booking total for Free accounts, 6% for Standard accounts, and 4% for Premium accounts. The transaction fee is directly charged to the customer by NoisyCamp, and NoisyCamp will take care of any fiscal obligations on this transaction fee (e.g. VAT or sale tax). The transaction fee should thus not appear in studio owners' bookkeeping records.

As an example, a Premium studio owner would observe a $2 transaction fee on a $50 online paid booking, and would thus receive a $48 transfer on their bank account. The studio owner would only be responsible of fiscal obligations on the received $48 income.

Payment payouts

Payments collected through online card payments (minus transaction fees) are accumulated on the studio owner's Stripe account before being transferred to the desired bank account ("payout"). Stripe and the studio owner's bank might apply some additional fees if the bank account's currency does not match the studio's currency.

Payouts are scheduled monthly for Free accounts (on the 15th day of the month), every Monday for Standard accounts, while Premium accounts enjoy daily scheduled payouts.
To better handle disputes, payments are only released for payout 48 hours after the end of the session.
For example, a payment for a session on April 14th will be transferred on May 15th for Free plan users, but on the next Monday for Standard plan users (if more than 48 hours after the session).

Studio owners are responsible of their own fiscal and accounting obligations regarding to the income they receive from online payments.

If you have additional questions about payouts and/or online payments, please reach us at hello@noisycamp.com.


Bookings are cancellable by customers at any time before the session starts. Customers' online payments might be refunded depending on the cancellation policy at the time of booking, as fixed by the studio owner.

Bookings are cancellable by studio owners at any time. Customers' online payments will be entirely refunded. NoisyCamp reserves the right to charge the applicable transaction fees to the studio owner in case of excessive cancellations of bookings with online payments.


Customers and studio owners can notify us about a possibly fraudulent studio, booking or online payment at hello@noisycamp.com. NoisyCamp reserves the right to temporary freeze the payout of any disputed booking payment. The team at NoisyCamp agrees to do its best to resolve the dispute while taking into consideration testimonies from all involved parties.