Privacy Policy

At NoisyCamp, we care deeply about the data privacy of our users and studios. We promote full transparency in relation to how we collect, handle, secure and store personal data.

Collected personal information

To operate as expected, our services collect some information about our users. We only collect the information required for our services to work properly.

We collect the following information about our users:

  • email addresses.
  • first and last names.
  • Google or Facebook account IDs for users that use Single Sign-On (SSO) methods.
  • dates, durations and payment information about bookings.
  • Stripe online transaction IDs associated with online payments.

We do not store passwords but use cryptographic techniques to securely authenticate our users. We do not handle or store credit card information, as we delegate this task to our third-party payment provider (see bellow).

In addition, we collect the following information about studios and their owners:

  • studio names, locations, phone numbers, opening times, pricing policies, equipments and pictures.
  • Stripe account IDs, transaction and payout information if online payments are enabled.

As a company located in the European Union, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Users wishing to obtain a personal data dump or to exercise their right to be forgotten can reach us at

Cookie policy

We do not use cookies for tracking purpose. We only rely on cookies to keep our users logged in, which is part of the correct operation of our website. We don't store personal information in cookies. Every cookie is enciphered using strong cryptographic techniques.

Security policy

We do not store user passwords. Every password is processed using cryptographic techniques before being stored in our databases.

We rely on Stripe to handle credit card related information. Stripe is a PCI compliant online payment provider. We do not handle or store credit card information within our systems.

All communications between our user systems and our servers use a secure HTTPS connection.

Third-party personal data sharing

Our operations rely on several third-party providers. We are careful in selecting these and transparent in relation to the data we share with them.


Our website and databases are hosted by Scaleway. Scaleway is a cloud provider that helps us making the website available worldwide with a very low amount of downtime.


We use Panelbear to get analytic insights on how our users interact with our website. Panelbear is a privacy-focused website analytic software. Panelbear does not use cookies and does not track visitors.


Stripe takes care of handling credit card payments and bank transfers. Stripe complies with standard payment card security standards (PCI DSS) and is used by thousands of businesses worldwide. We share some of our customers' email addresses with Stripe.


We rely on SendGrid to deliver emails to our customers. We share some personal information of our users, including email addresses, first and last names, and some information related to our users' bookings.