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Booking management software for practice and recording spaces

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Listing your first studio room is free

NoisyCamp website and mobile app.

Online booking management

Online booking management

Spend less time answering emails and phone calls and focus more on your creative activities.

Increased studio revenue

Increased studio revenue

Get more reservations for your space by making it easier for musicians to book your spaces.

On mobile and tablet

On mobile and tablet

Allow musicians to book your studio from anywhere and from any device.

Plans & pricing


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Max. number of studio rooms
Manage multiple studio spaces from our studio interface.
1 4
Marketing & social media optimisation
We increase your studio exposure by regularly creating posts and ads on social medias.
Live booking calendar
Manual & recurring bookings
Add your own reservations and events to the calendar.
External calendar sync.
Integrates with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook.
SMS reminders
Automatically send SMS reminders to your customers before their sessions.
Coming soon
Instruments & equipments
List your studio gears and services.
Charge extra fees
Charge extra fees for instrument and equipment rental.
On site payments
Accepts bookings without requiring an online transaction.
Processing fee
We do not charge any fee on these bookings.
0 % 0 %
Online payments
Securely charge the customer's credit card at the time of booking.
Transaction fee
9 % 6 % 4 %
Payout schedule
Monthly Weekly Daily
Website integration
Book your studio directly from your website with a simple copy & paste code.
  Are you a nonprofit organization?
Reach us now and obtain a preferential rate on our Standard and Premium plans.

NoisyCamp's features

Real-time online availabilities screenshot.

Real-time room availabilities

Musicians can immediately see when your spaces are available, and submit reservation requests any time of the day.

Manual and recurring bookings screenshot.

Manual & recurring bookings

Manage your existing bookings from our studio interface and let your existing customer know when your spaces are available.

Manual and recurring bookings screenshot.
Website integration screenshot.

Booking directly from your website

Integrate your studio live availabilities and booking form directly within your website with our copy & paste code.

Secure online payments screenshot.

Secure online payments

Optionally require an immediate and secure credit-card payment to validate a reservation.
The reservation amount will be directly transferred to your bank account.

Secure online payments screenshot.
Studio equipments and gears screenshot.

List your studio gears and instruments

Specify the equipments provided by your studio.
You can also list extra fees for the leasing of some of your gears.

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Listing your first studio room is free

Integrates with your existing tools
Connects with the most used calendar apps and web platforms

Microsoft Outlook
Apple Calendar
Google Calendar

Frequently asked questions

How much does NoisyCamp cost?
Listing your first studio space on NoisyCamp is free.
Studios that wish to list more than one space are required to upgrade to our Standard or Premium plans.
Studios that wish to use online booking payments will be charged a small online transaction fee on these payments (9% for Free plan users, 6% for Standard plan users, 4% for Premium plan users). There is no fee on online bookings that are not paid online.
Who can host a studio on NoisyCamp?
NoisyCamp allows any studio owner to list their professional or home studios.
Become a studio host on NoisyCamp to reach new customers and get extra revenues from your premises.
What kind of spaces can be listed on NoisyCamp?
NoisyCamp is a platform designed for spaces that can be used for practicing, recording, mastering, teaching or perform music.
Where is NoisyCamp available?
NoisyCamp is currently availaible in 35 countries:
🇦🇺  Australia
🇦🇹  Austria
🇧🇪  Belgium
🇧🇬  Bulgaria
🇨🇦  Canada
🇨🇾  Cyprus
🇨🇿  The Czech Republic
🇩🇰  Denmark
🇪🇪  Estonia
🇫🇮  Finland
🇫🇷  France
🇩🇪  Germany
🇬🇷  Greece
🇭🇰  Hong Kong
🇭🇺  Hungary
🇮🇪  Ireland
🇮🇹  Italy
🇱🇻  Latvia
🇱🇹  Lithuania
🇱🇺  Luxembourg
🇲🇹  Malta
🇳🇱  The Netherlands
🇳🇿  New Zealand
🇳🇴  Norway
🇵🇱  Poland
🇵🇹  Portugal
🇷🇴  Romania
🇸🇬  Singapore
🇸🇰  Slovakia
🇸🇮  Slovenia
🇪🇸  Spain
🇸🇪  Sweden
🇨🇭  Switzerland
🇬🇧  The United Kingdom
🇺🇸  The United States
How do online transactions work?
If the studio owner wishes to accept online payments, musicians will be allowed to settle the reservation amount at the time of booking using a valid credit card.
The studio owner will then receive that amount directly on their bank account, minus the NoisyCamp transaction fee (9% for Free plan users, 6% for Standard plan users, 4% for Premium plan users).
Payouts to the owner's bank account are done daily for Premium accounts, weekly for Standard accounts (every Monday) and monthtly for Free accounts (on the 15th day of the month).
To better handle disputes, payments are only released for payout 48 hours after the end of the session.
For example, a payment for a session on April 14th will be transferred on May 15th for Free plan users, but on the next Monday for Standard plan users (if more than 48 hours after the session).